MB Superabrasives, LLC is focused on application and process optimization using our diamond and CBN grinding products. We produce custom-designed abrasive solutions of precision grinding and finishing operations using our proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce single-layer abrasive solutions to maximize stock removal and tool life.

Our products include brazed single layer diamond and CBN tools as well as sintered metal-bond products for precision finishing applications.

​We produce our products in our 10,000sf manufacturing facility located in Columbia, South Carolina. We perform all engineering and manufacturing operations — from wheel blank machining to final inspection of our products — in house.

Molecular Bond Superabrasives (MB Superabrasives) was originally part of Permattach Diamond Tool Company located in Milford, New Hampshire. MB Superabrasives was the original producer of single-layer brazed diamond and CBN abrasive products starting in the late 1960’s. MB Superabrasives was acquired by S.L. Munson & Company, LLC in 2004 and the manufacturing operation relocated to the present S.L. Munson & Company facility located in Columbia, South Carolina.

​In 2015, Neuber Industrial Diamond Company – Sintered Products Division was purchased and relocated to the MB Superabrasives production facility in Columbia. Neuber started making diamond tooling in 1945 and specialized in production of sintered diamond products used by grinding wheel producers to finish their abrasive products.

​MB Superabrasives products are produced using proprietary manufacturing techniques to achieve highly productive tools for grinding and abrasive finishing applications. MB Superabrasives and parent company S.L. Munson & Company specialize in delivering products which are designed for customers’ specific application requirements.